Sedation Dentistry In Beverly Hills

Sedation dentistry, from the top dentist Beverly Hills has to offer, is a method of treating the dental problems with oral medications (such as Halcion) and/or inhalation agents (such as nitrous oxide) to reduce anxiety. While these methods of sedation work well for some patients, they are often not appropriate for patients who can’t physically or behaviorally cooperate with dentistry. In these cases, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia are the safer sedation solutions.

At Dr Mobasser’s practice, we are the rare breeds of dental practitioners in Los Angeles offering the full array of anesthesia – from oral medication to general anesthesia. We use any one of the following treatments to best suit your case from Oral sedation, Nitrous Oxide, I.V. sedation and General anesthesia. We work with each patient individually to determine the most appropriate sedation approach.