Lumineers or No-Prep Veneers In Los Angeles Beverly Hills

Lumineers or No-Prep Veneers In Los Angeles

Dr Mobasser is the go-to dentist for lumineers or No-prep veneers in Los Angeles. Dental lumineers procedure can make a huge difference in your smile and your confidence. Lumineers or no prep veneers can transform your unsightly smile into attractive, Hollywood-celebrity smile through the help of this non invasive dental procedure. In Los Angeles, the most sought after dentist who is an expert in lumineers and no prep veneers is Dr. Anthony Mobasser. He is known for providing his elite clients a brilliant method to transform their smile.


Why Get Lumineers?

The goal of Dr. Mobasser and his team is to restore your beautiful smile and your teeth function with the least invasive procedure possible. Since lumineers or no prep veneers do not require cutting of the enamel or any part of the tooth, this is the greatest benefit for the patient. There is no need for anesthesia, numbness or the sound of the drill. Lumineers or no prep veneers placed are biologically sound and can last a long time if the expert dentist have evaluated your bite, occlusion, alignment and the health of your teeth prior to placing the porcelain lumineers. They also can look great. As the expert in placing lumineers in Los Angeles, Dr. Mobasser is able to restore your gorgeous smile and provide you with a luminous one without having to change your natural teeth. What lumineers do is that they cover stained, uneven and chipped teeth with those striking translucent veneers. They are so thin that they look entirely natural. Plus, they are resistant to staining. If you are looking for a mega white Hollywood smile, the original color of your teeth must be checked with Dr Mobasser, since the lumineers can change the color of existing teeth maximum of 2 or 3 shades lighter, but not 5 or 10 shades lighter.


What you should know prior to wanting lumineers?

Since most people wanting lumineers to have a white and bright colored natural smile, per Dr Mobasser, the color of the existing tooth is a major factor in how white or bright the lumineer can block out the underlying tooth color. Usually the final color of the teeth, is 70% attributed to the color of the tooth (prior to placing the lumineer) and 30% improvement in color will be enhanced by lumineers. It is vital that the desired color will be discussed, and certain cosmetic procedure be done prior to placing lumineers. If natural white is the color you need vs an opaque white, then possibly Dr mobasser will discuss bleaching your teeth prior to having the lumineers done. Lumineers by definition means no preparation of your teeth is needed, so if a laminate is added to your front teeth, you must understand that your teeth will be bulkier, and this maybe a result you do not seek, Dr Mobasser advises patients to have at least the waxup of the original teeth and the final result one may achieve to be shown to the patient prior to having lumineers done. Unfortunately before and after pictures in which a patient wants to see before making a decision can be misleading, but a wax up of the impressions of the patients teeth ca definitely help patients to see the final outcome. There is extra cost involved in presenting the wax-ups to the patient, but is definitely worth it.

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What is considered to be a Lumineer or No-Prep Veneers ?
Lumineers by definition, means no drilling or no tooth structure is drilled upon! they are also considered by many dentists as no prep veneers. If for some reason alteration of your existing tooth or any preparation is required, then they are not considered to be lumineers or no prep veneers, now you are getting to the category of thin veneers, or veneers which really it is NOT lumineers. Lumineers is usually done in DenMat laboratories, but no prep veneers can be done in many other talented dental laboratory. Is one better than the other, not really, it depends on the talent of the master ceramist working with the dentist.


Can I get lumineers or No Prep Veneers?
Per Dr Mobasser unfortunately not everyone is a candidate, and it REALLY DEPENDS ON YOUR TEETH ALIGNMENT, THE EXISTING COLOR, YOUR BITE, AND……. many other factors. A complete Evaluation with bite analysis and xrays is a must. You can definitely be a candidate for lumineers, which is a great cosmetic dentistry service, however initial evaluation, and consultation to go over the pros and cons is necessary. If your teeth are misaligned you might want to consider thin veneers, rather than lumineers, which in this case can make the smile bulkier, thin veneers can most probably be the solution although they are higher costs. As lumineers Los Angeles expert, Dr. Mobasser will not remove the natural enamel before placing them. What is great about them is that they can stay brighter because Dr. Mobasser only utilizes the strongest and the most durable porcelain, crafted by his trained master ceramist. Getting lumineers in Los Angeless is easy. It is also painless. Dr. Mobasser will make sure that you will receive a custom designed smile that surely matches your overall facial appearance.  The best thing is that you do not need to undergo a series of painful dental treatments.  Depending on your case, you may not need a local anesthesia, just to make the entire procedure painless. With the expertise of Dr. Mobasser, and his philosophy to conserve your precious tooth structure to provide you with the long lasting results.  Many Hollywood celebrities go to Dr. Mobasser’s private practice in Los Angeles to obtain their glamorous smile in a painless way. If you want to obtain the same enchanting smiles that those rich and famous people have, you should consider taking a trip to Dr. Mobasser’s cosmetic dentistry practice.  Making an initial consultation with him will help you know whether or not you are a good candidate for lumineers placement. Dr. Mobasser will have to evaluate your oral and body health before making a recommendation. All damages will be addressed first, before any type of cosmetic dental treatments are done. When it comes to full mouth dental reconstruction and placement of lumineers, Dr. Mobasser is the one that you can go to bring back your self-confidence. He is more than capable of bringing your confidence soaring. To find out if you can take advantage of this treatment, contact our lumineers or no-prep veneers in Los Angeles expert dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

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