Holistic Dentistry Approach by Dr Mobasser in Los Angeles

holistic-dentistry-los-angeles-beverly-hills-hollywood-californiaHolistic dentistry or Biological Dentistry is an approach to dental care which considers the patient’s dental health in the context of their overall health. It is sometimes called “biological” dentistry or “bio compatible” dentistry. Holistic dentistry looks at the person as a whole to administer holistic dental treatment, rather than just a set of teeth and jaws. A complete health evaluation is a must, including but limited to patients allergy or reaction to dental materials. There are many patients who suffer from autoimmune disease due to possibility of allergies to dental materials which the individual is not aware of, including but limited to the metals, (such as non precious, semi precious or even gold), dental cements, impression materials and many more. It is highly advisable that if the patient has gone through allergy testing to provide the holistic dentist the list of allergies prior to commencing any treatment.


According to the Top Holistic Dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser, principles of holistic dentistry must be practiced to avoid the destructive effects of dental infections and dental diseases, which can spread throughout the entire body. One should eat nutrient-dense foods, avoid root canal problems from the beginning, and avoid mercury (amalgam) fillings. If it is necessary to extract teeth, then avoid leaving the jawbone with cavitations (large holes), which can be focal points of infection. Amalgam use is avoided in holistic dentistry due to concerns about toxicity. Amalgam removal and replacement with natural-looking bonded materials is a common holistic dentistry treatment as well as a common aesthetic dentistry treatment. The mercury/amalgam is not only potentially bad for the teeth and the body, it looks unsightly and unnatural, and requires removal of much more precious tooth structure.


Per Dr. Anthony Mobasser, one of America’s Top Dentists, the more conservative the approach to salvage tooth structure, the more your teeth will last for the rest of your life.


In his Holistic Dental Practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Anthony Mobasser is committed to holistic dentistry. A guiding principle is that the health of the mouth and the health of the body simply cannot be separated. Dr. Mobasser believes in combining the most natural approach possible with state-of-the-art technology for optimal results.


Depending on the patient’s needs and desires in relation to holistic dentistry, Dr. Mobasser can address many significant aspects such as: the use of mercury free-fillings; material compatibility testing; innovative isolation techniques to eliminate mercury exposure; the use of oxygen; the role of nutrition in oral health; the relationship of gum disease to other physical problems; and structural components (such as TMJ, postural asymmetry, uneven bite, etc.). In our office, we look at the bio compatibility of the different tooth filling composite resins with each individual concerned.