Dental Reconstruction In Beverly Hills

Dental Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is an expert in dental reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills Ca. If you looking to reconstruct your smile, your teeth or need of a major dental transformation, look no further, Dr. Mobasser is a dental reconstruction dentist in Beverly Hills, who has performed successfully hundreds of Dental reconstruction for his patients, manifesting priceless smiles and proper functioning teeth lasting over 25 years and still going.

Before Dental ReconstructionShort teeth with gaps before dental reconstruction

After Dental ReconstructionAfter dental reconstruction with emax porcelain

Dental reconstruction can involve an array of multiple dental procedures, such as veneers, overlays, porcelain onlays, dental bridges, dental implants, and porcelain crowns, dental surgery, and possibly orthodontics. Since dental reconstruction involves cosmetic dentistry and functionality of your teeth, It is vital that the foundation of your mouth will be checked and made healthy first. The root cause of any dental disease is determined first and an ideal treatment plan will be presented to the patient for best results.

Under-bite correctionBefore Under-bite correction

Under-bite correctionAfter Under-bite correction

Dental reconstruction can help patients with worn out teeth, short teeth, eroded teeth, loss of back teeth support, causing stress on your front teeth, bite collapse due to missing teeth, patients having problem with their bite (occlusion), patients suffering from TMD or temporomandibular disease, old dentistry and many other dental dysfunctions the patient is suffering. It is important to know that all the cosmetic dentist must check the function of your teeth prior to commencing cosmetic dentistry if not even the best cosmetic dentistry can fail without proper function and bite. Ask our dental reconstruction dentist if you are a candidate for dental reconstruction.

Taking proper care of your teeth is important to sustaining good systemic and oral health, in combination with a brighter smile. When your teeth look and feel good, you feel complete and confident! That is why it is best not to ignore your symptoms and consult with our Dental Reconstruction dentist in Beverly Hills. Dental reconstruction is a necessary dental restorative dentistry treatment for people who have problems with oral health. Problems including worn-out bite, tooth decay, fractured teeth, missing teeth, cracked front teeth or back teeth are just a few of types of problems our reconstructive dentist in Beverly Hills can help you with. Dr. Mobasser’s Dental Reconstruction dream team in Beverly Hills provides the opportunity for you to transform your smile and function today!

full mouth reconstruction

Celebrity Dentist In Beverly Hills

Dr. Mobasser is a highly qualified cosmetic dentist who is dedicated to transforming your oral health, he has performed many dental reconstructions for his celebrity clients in Beverly Hills and across the world! With 36 years of experience, Dr. Mobasser is skilled at performing Dental Reconstruction in Beverly Hills to improve your smile and health.

Under-bite correctionBefore full mouth dental reconstruction

Under-bite correctionAfter dental reconstruction, Emax crowns and Veneers

Dr. Mobasser wants to help you achieve proper oral care and enhance the look of your smile! If you are looking for a change, Dr. Mobasser will make it happen in his dental reconstruction office in Beverly Hills!

How it Works

Before your procedure with Dr. Mobasser, an evaluation will be done to examine the current condition of your teeth, gums, bone, smile, bite, and jaw. This is to ensure that we are aware of any problems you have had in the past and to look for future issues to prevent. We will match the corrections to fit the shape and look of your face, creating the perfect aesthetic with the function of your teeth in which you will love. Ultimately, Dental Reconstruction in Beverly Hills with Dr. Mobasser will improve oral health, proper functioning bite, while redefining your smile. Boost your self-confidence and claim a healthier lifestyle by visiting our specialist and schedule an appointment for Dental Reconstruction in Beverly Hills today!