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Dental Implants Los Angeles

A Dental Implant or Tooth Implant is the solution to missing teeth or possibly an edentulous jaw. A Dental Implant is a substitute for the root of a natural tooth, in which the implant will enable restorations including dental implant crown, implant bridge or implant-supported dentures.   The expertise and vision of the dentist is of vital importance.

Not everyone is a candidate for Implant Dentistry, which is why a comprehensive evaluation is critical. This would include but is not limited to: a thorough examination including past medical conditions; complete dental x-rays; impression of existing teeth; bite analysis; occlusion analysis, wax up of teeth; CT scan; and surgical stents or templates. A number of patients have come to us with dental implant failures, usually a result of having a less experienced dentist “cut corners”.

When it comes to implants, this is no place to take shortcuts

Many Dental Implant Failures can be avoided if proper diagnosis is made with gathering the above records as a bare minimum. Sufficient bone mass is required to support the implant; the quality of the bone ( porous vs. dense ); the dexterity if the dentist; the bite and degree of occlusion; and the overall oral hygiene of the patient.

Dental Implants Los Angeles

What is a Dental Implant ? Dental Implants, or tooth Implants are basically screws or abutments that are surgically placed into the bone. There are various types of implants for dentistry, made by a wide variety of dental companies. Today, most are made of titanium and are bio compatible. One of the newer additions is Zirconium implants which are metal-free, tooth-colored and very strong. This newer zirconium implant has been widely used in Europe and is gaining popularity in the US.

Best Dental Implant Dentist Los Angeles


Best Dental Implants Los Angeles


What are the pros and cons? They are not for everyone, and since it is a surgical procedure, everyone should pay close attention to the risks and benefits of the procedure. It is true that the dental implant is the next best thing compared to the natural tooth, but since it is man-made there are pros and cons.     The pros: Implants generally work best in circumstances where one or two teeth are missing, and when the adjacent teeth are virgin (there is no restoration or filling). In such cases a dental bridge will not be necessary to prepare and cut the adjacent teeth, however if the adjacent teeth have failed or unsatisfactory restoration, then possibly a bridge can be a good choice for the patient since the adjacent tooth also needs replacement. Other pros include but are not limited to the following: improving the bite and mastication (chewing) functions; cosmetically enhancing the appearance of missing teeth in one’s smile; the possibility of cheek support and/or lip support; the priceless esthetic enhancement of improved self-confidence!   The Cons: Those with a compromised medical condition can reject the implant; it is a 2-stage surgical procedure and can take 3 to 6 months to evaluate whether the implant has osseointegrated with the bone, and if not, surgical removal is necessary. Therefore time is an issue. Also if the bone level is not sufficient, meaning the height and width of the bone is not ideal to receive a tooth implant, then additional surgeries may be required such as dental implant bone graft or for upper back teeth sinus lift procedure, in which additional time and expense are incurred. Bone graft is the procedure in which the surgeon can add addition bone, either artificial, or the individual’s own bone (which is much better), or the surgeon can cause stimulation of bone to encourage regeneration. Also since the implant is not of the same biochemistry as our own natural teeth, it can cause food impaction (if placed next to natural tooth). This is due to the fact that natural teeth can move slightly with force of the bite or occlusion; however the implant is enclosed and unable to shift, therefore space or food impaction can occur.

Before & After Dental Implants:

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What is the Cost?  The costs depend on so many variables as mentioned above, but generally there are two components: a surgical portion, and a restorative portion (which can include a implant post) and possibly a crown. The surgical portion can be anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per tooth depending on the procedure required. The restorative portion, which is after the osseo-integration of the implant, can cost from $1500 to $5000 per tooth, depending on the cosmetic needs of the patient, and the dexterity of the dentist.   Nothing is better than your original teeth. However if you are considering a dental implant, it is best to have a comprehensive evaluation done by an expert dentist, so you would know all options, and can make the most informed decision. Your implants can be done via IV Sedation, aka Twilight Sleep, as your comfort is always Dr. Mobasser’s priority.

Before & After Dental Implants: in this scenario, a porcelain implant and porcelain crown are placed on a congenitally missing lateral incisor, the result is priceless:

 Before                                                After

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Dr. Anthony Mobasser aka “Celebrity Dentist”, has performed Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry since 1980, and has utilized Dental implants in many of his full mouth dentistry treatments. He is recognized nationally and internationally, and patients seek his services from all over the world. He is also recognized as America’s Top Dentist.