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Celebrity Smile Evaluation

Celebrity Dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser has performed thousands of smile makeovers since 1980. In that time, he has worked with a multitude of celebrities from around the globe, ensuring that their smiles are the envy of the world. With his trained, artistic eye, he can instantly recognize what makes a smile so dazzling, or identify what can be done to turn an average smile into a dazzling work of art.


Below are some of his thoughts on today’s celebrity smiles.


Angelina Jolie smiles during a news conference in Washington

Angelina Jolie

A beautiful natural, bright smile showing molar-to-molar teeth – what makes it so attractive is because her upper teeth follow the lower lip curvature when smiling. Also, there’s a step on her front teeth (the two front teeth are a bit longer than the two side teeth); she shows minimal gum upon smiling and the golden proportion of her teeth are pleasing. However, the only thing that might help her smile as if she had upper right side teeth out a little bit more since they are in at the present. This creates a perfect zygomatic smile, meaning there is no black space or void upon a full smile seen from the front.

Solution: thin veneers, Invisalign.


Sarah Palinsarah-palin-smile-during-the-presidential-candidacy-was-evaluated-by-cosmetic-dentist-dr-anthony-mobasser-dds-dmd

Generally speaking is attractive, has a younger looking smile with a step on her two front teeth, the white color adds value to the total picture. However, the back teeth look a little worn out and discolored, especially her left side, a little length to the back teeth, to follow the lower lip while smiling would enhance her smile tremendously.

Solution: porcelain veneers to make the back teeth longer and even younger looking.



Bruce Willis

He has a natural smile showing molar to molar teeth but could improve on it, possibly due to clenching since the back teeth are getting pretty short. The upper right side teeth are more in – on a straight photo the upper right side teeth are less showing and creating a black space. Also, the color of the front teeth does not match the color of the teeth to the side of them (the central do not match laterals and canines in color and the golden proportion).

Solution: permanent tooth whitening, possibly thin veneers, making the teeth fuller to close the black space showing up on the white smile.



Demi Moore

She certainly does have a full white smile. However, I would tweak the smile a little by making the teeth less bulky and cut down on their length (upon smiling, the upper teeth are hitting the lower lip) so they look a little shorter. Also on the back teeth, especially the upper right side, the crowns or bridges are not in harmony with the front teeth and give the cosmetic dentistry work away.

Solution: cosmetic contouring of smile line or possibly redo some porcelain crown.



Denzel Washington

He’s certainly got a Hollywood white smile, but in my opinion, they are a little too white in color. Also, they could be a little shorter in length. If the appearance of the front teeth is a little less bulky and a little shorter in length, this would make a tremendous difference in the overall smile picture.

Solution: To perfect his smile, he needs more transition in color on each tooth in conjunction with translucency incorporated on the veneers to break them up the light hitting his teeth, which can make them seem unnaturally white. Unfortunately, lack of translucency makes the teeth an opaque white, which calls attention to the cosmetic dentistry work performed.



Kobe Bryant

Although I hesitate to evaluate the most talented and brilliant basketball player in the world ever, his smile could easily be improved if the lateral incisors were more proportional to his two front teeth, and there was less crowding on the lower teeth. In conjunction with his gum and lip symmetry, there is also too much gum showing on the side views.

Solution: Gum recontouring, and thin translucent porcelain veneers using Leonardo da Vinci Golden Proportion ratio.


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