Best Teeth Whitening In Beverly Hills

Dr Mobasser is considered as one the best teeth whitening dentist in Beverly Hills, with 37 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry.
Whitening and Bleaching are the most popular and least invasive cosmetic treatment to brighten and whiten the yellowing teeth. Teeth whitening are a simple, popular and economical way of enhancing the appearance of your teeth. It can be used by itself or along with other aesthetic dentistry procedures by Beverly Hills best dentist. Bleaching or teeth whitening has proven to be a safe, very effective and economical way of having a brighter, more youthful and vibrant smile.

Discoloration occurs in the enamel and can be caused by medication, coffee, tea and cigarettes. Discoloration also can be caused by your genetic make-up or simply getting older. Teeth whitening and bleaching is usually done with carbomide peroxide products and in some occasions with hydrogen peroxide gels. Although both work the same way, and hydrogen peroxide bleaching gels usually give you a brighter color in less time, but carbomide peroxide works as well as the hydrogen peroxide.

The concentration and the time the gel is in contact with your teeth is the most important factors in bleaching teeth!

Usually the more the concentrated gel, the less time is required and vice versa. An expert dentist must first determine if you are a candidate for teeth bleaching or teeth whitening? Dr Mobasser determines that by clinical examination checking for sensitive teeth, cracked teeth, leaking fillings, recessions of the gums, and many other factors prior you do through teeth bleaching in his Beverly Hills private office! You must know the pros and cons of bleaching your teeth, and understand the results vary due to your age, and many other factors! If you are older usually it will take more time for you to get your teeth bleached, this is due to the fact that the dentin of your teeth ( The next layer after the enamel, the outer layer) is more sclerotic and sometimes they might not bleach well. Usually the root of your teeth should never be bleached, which can cause extreme sensitivity. Contact Dr Anthony Mobasser, our best dentist in Beverly Hills when it comes to teeth bleaching and whitening. As a top cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, He is an expert in Bleaching and whitening teeth. He usually recommends teeth bleaching prior to give his patients permanent white teeth using porcelain veneers. You must know that if you do have mixed restorations or fillings, the fillings, dental bondings, porcelain veneers, or crowns do not bleach! Only your natural teeth can have bleaching done!

At Dr. Mobasser’s dental practice, we offer teeth whitening solutions to give you a sparkling, bright, white smile through whitening and bleaching process. We also transform discolored rotated teeth by giving it a whiter brighter appearance. At celebrity dentist’s Beverly Hills practice, bleaching is performed by Dr. Mobasser under perfect dental supervision. Dr. Mobasser, Beverly Hills best dentist, offers multi laser treatment to ensure the correct amount of whitening is done and that your teeth are properly exposed.

We impart a personalized teeth-whitening program that is designed to fit your specific needs to ensure optimal results. Our proven bleaching methods are considered to be safe and effective. So be hurry! And get that extra advantage of comfortable and effective bleaching and whitening treatment at Dr. Mobasser’s California based practice.

Technology alone is not enough! Aesthetic Dentistry requires creative skills.