Before and After Pictures – Smile Makeover for Misaligned Teeth

Smile make over before and after make over photos is major testament to the cosmetic dentist’s skill. If you cover your smile with your hand, or simply are not confident with your smile in general, you may be a candidate for smile make over.


Before: Crooked discolored teeth with gummy smile
Before: Crooked discolored teeth with gummy smile
After smile make over correction of shape and gummy smile with emax porcelain
After smile make over correction of shape and gummy smile with emax porcelain


If you want to change the shape, the color , the alignment of your teeth , or just wanting a fuller smile, most probably you must have consult with our smile makeover dentist to find out all your options. Chances are that if you like the results in these smile make over pictures, you will be pleased with your own results. Below is a sampling of Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s work as an artistic cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, to provide the patient what she wanted, which is look good, feel good and last a long time. If you like what you see, please call 310-550-0383 to meet Dr Mobasser for your needs.


Smile make over before picture
smile makeover before picture

smile make over after picture
smile makeover after picture
Smile makeover

Patient above did not like the lower front teeth over lapped teeth, did not like the color, but wanted a smile make over to mimic the original shape of her teeth. This patient did not like the misaligned upper front teeth, and the erosion on the root of her teeth, worn out front upper and lower teeth. Patient was not happy with the color of her teeth, with shifted upper teeth due to her bite or occlusion. Dr Anthony Mobasser, used dental Emax veneers, and overlays for instant orthodontics, using golden proportions and smile makeover techniques in conjunction with porcelain veneers. Dr. Mobasser was able to create a world-class smile and give the patient her sense of completeness and certainty.

How long for doing a Smile make over?

Patient was thrilled that she did not have to go through braces, and 2 to 3 years of waiting, just to straighten the teeth, and anyway after straightening the teeth to come back needing cosmetic dentistry to brighten her teeth and restore the shape of worn out teeth!

The full smile makeover took 2 weeks and 4 visits, in which the result was priceless for the patient.