Porcelain Inlays

Before & After Pictures Porcelain Inlays

Before and After pictures of dental inlays are  a major testament to a cosmetic dentist’s skill and dexterity. Chances are that if you like the results seen here, you will be pleased with your own results. Below is a sampling of Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s work as an artistic cosmetic dentist over the years. Below is a broken white filling and enamel, requiring a stronger restoration to endure over time.

photo of porcelain inlay cosmetic dentist los angeles
porcelain inlay images cosmetic dentistry los angeles
Porcelain Inlays

Patient presented with decay and fractured tooth due to severe clenching and a heavy bite. Porcelain inlays were fabricated to restore strength, beauty and harmony. This was used because a white filling would not withstand the patient’s bite and fracturing could reoccur. The benefits of Porcelain Inlays compared to white fillings include: very strong structure (just like the natural tooth), precise fit with no bacterial micro leakage to cause further decay or halitosis, stability of color, smoothness of feeling to the tongue, and longer life.