Dental Porcelain Crowns In Beverly Hills

Dr Anthony Mobasser specializes in dental porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills. He has done over ten thousand porcelain crowns for his patients successfully that needed a porcelain crown to restore their tooth with a strong protection, due to cracks, root canaled tooth, severe decay or lack of enough supporting tooth structure to restore with filling.  For many years, patients’ demands have been increasing for improved esthetics in dental ceramic crowns, particularly in the area of front teeth that require porcelain crowns or caps. The idea of “All Porcelain Crowns” has been popular among the patients. All Porcelain Crowns do not have metal substructures under it.

dental porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills

Before porcelain crown

dental porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills

After porcelain emax crown









Many types of dental porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills are available now days, such as feldspathic porcelain, lucite porcelain, lithium disilicate , and zerconia porcelain, among many others. Each have their own indications depending on where in the mouth it is placed, how is the occlusion (the bite) of the individual patient, and the cosmetic needs of the patient. Be sure to ask Dr Mobasser for which porcelain crown best fits your needs. Dental crowns are usually made of porcelain or have a veneer of porcelain on their surface (porcelain fused to metal crowns), so that the crown’s color gets matched with the rest of your teeth. Some dental crowns are constructed in a manner where their full thickness is porcelain. These crowns can possess a translucency that makes them the most cosmetically pleasing of all of the different types of dental crowns. They can be a good choice for front teeth for their natural appearance.

dental porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills










Emax vs Zerconia porcelain crowns for front teeth

It is best to discuss your cosmetic needs, regarding the front teeth crowns, especially in regards to color, shape, length with your treating dentist. Usually it is not advisable to have combination of Zerconia and Emax porcelain next to each other! mixing two different porcelain materials such as zerconia porcelain crowns with E max porcelain cap to restore the smile line cosmetically will give different colors, even if you have chosen the same shade. The optical properties on each porcelain is different. Meaning Zerconia porcelain is much brighter, opaque and whiter and Emax is more translucent which can resemble natural teeth.

Both Emax and Zerconia or Lava crowns are strong enough, there is not much difference as far as strength, or worries regarding cracked porcelain or fracture. Most patients wanting Hollywood white crowns are advised using Zerconia, or lava crowns, and for a more natural look, Emax porcelain crowns is recommended. The most aesthetic porcelain by far is Feldspathic porcelain crown, however the strength of this porcelain is 1/5 of Zerconia porcelain. An expert cosmetic dentist need to diagnose the bite for function and the aesthetic needs of each individual patient to deliver the best results for the patient, and discuss the pros and the short comings of each restoration to the patient.

Gum health and Symmetry for Front crowns:

Gum symmetry for all porcelain crowns and even for veneers is vital, and can effect negatively the most well done porcelain crowns. Gum asymmetry specially for patients that have a high lip line, meaning exposing gums, can cause different length of crowns, although the edge of the crowns are exactly even. Unfortunately if your gums are not exactly symmetrical, one tooth will look longer than the other!


The advantages of dental Porcelain Crowns in Beverly Hills are to enhance the shape, color or length of the tooth, and restore function. Porcelain crowns are an aesthetic and durable alternative for the treatment of cracked teeth, space issues, failed porcelain veneers or tooth size discrepancies. What’s more, porcelain crowns can correct minor alignment problems as well as tooth shapes or color.

dental porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills

Dr Mobasser Beverly Hills Dental Practice – Dental Porcelain Crowns

All Dental porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills are done with unparalleled perfection at Dr. Mobasser’s dental practice in Beverly Hills California. Due to his vast experience of over 26 years, he has perfected many full mouth reconstructions and dental reconstruction using dental porcelain crowns to beautify the smile and bring them to ideal function. Many celebrities and red carpet ready smiles was designed by this celebrity dentist in Beverly Hills. Modern and innovative dental porcelain crown technology is an integral part of Dr. Mobasser’s  Beverly Hills dental practice. Cost of dental porcelain crowns in Beverly hills varies depending on the complexity of each individual patient, The cosmetics and function needs to be evaluated prior to quoting custom made crowns that fit your personality and your needs. The huge array of new genuine materials and innovative techniques has eliminated the pain and discomfort of dentistry of the past. The ability to turn a badly broken down mouth into a healthy mouth using porcelain crowns is one of the most gratifying services of his private Beverly Hills practice. Through exceptional, artistic dentistry, Dr. Mobasser is able to give patients another chance to enjoy their teeth, looking great and lasting a long time for many more years.
If you need porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills on your affected teeth, then you must visit Dr. Mobasser’s practice. Because we are skilled in providing our patients the best treatment for all porcelain crown.


Dental Porcelain crowns in Beverly Hills can be fabricated in the same day, or usually 2 visits. If the patient wants to have the same day service, that is possibility.By use of cad-cam machines and digital impressions that can be accomplished. As of this time most cosmetic dentist still do not prefer the one day delivery, due to following reasons: color match, for custom coloring, and the fit of the crowns, for this reason most prefer a skilled lab, and an experienced ceramist to fabricate the crown, which takes time, rather than the machine deliver in one day.

Most crowns, such as Emax, (lithium disilicate), zerconia, lava, bruxer, pfm, pfg , and many more in the market today, require 2 visits.

First visit, the dentist will prepare the tooth, by removal decays or building up the tooth prior the final preparation and an impression is taken to be sent to ceramist, for final fabrication, and a temporary crown is fabricated for the interim till the final crown is received back from the ceramist. The second visit which can be a week or 2 weeks apart, patient will be fitted and the final crown will be cemented. The final crown will be checked for color match, fit of the crown and occlusion (bite). Once all is satisfactory the final crown will be cemented permanently, rarely the final crown will be cemented temporarily.

what to do if you have discomfort on temporary crown?

If there is pain and sensitivity exists after the dentist placed a temporary crown, then it is best to check the nerve for possible root canal. Best is to have a consult with your good dentist or see an Endodontist!

Sometimes if it a border line tooth with possible root canal the pain might go away after final crown is placed, however be prepared to know that if the pain persists after your final crown is cemented, in order to do root canal, the Endodontist needs to make a small hole thru the crown, to get to the nerve, and it can be patched with composite bonding. Depending on where the crown is, many people do not mind waiting rather than having the root canal right away, and do not mind if the crown is patched.

What to do if your porcelain crown fracture or your tooth cracks?

Usually dental crown fractures is due to the bite and occlusion , or possibly incorporation of voids in the porcelain crown while the dental lab is fabricating the porcelain crown. If the crown is fractured replace the crown, or in some occasions it can be repaired also!

Tooth fracture is usually due to an existing root canal, or severe trauma on a healthy tooth, even if the tooth was covered with crown.  Meaning the tooth holding the crown is cracked or fractured. Depending on where the fracture occurred, usually the tooth needs to be extracted and replaced with dental implant. If the fracture of the tooth is above the bone level, the dentist can possibly re crown the tooth by first building up the tooth. It is always the best to keep your own tooth rather than having a dental implant done. See an expert dentist to help you salvage the tooth by any means possible.

Veneers vs Crowns for Bruxism, Zerconia vs Emax Porcelain

Porcelain veneers are less invasive than porcelain crowns, less tooth structure is removed, consequently veneers preserve more enamel and tooth structure! Also understand that veneers are much more technique sensitive vs dental porcelain crowns. So because of preservation of enamel and tooth structure, it is best to have dental veneers done anytime you can, especially for your front teeth, since there is less force of bite on the front teeth vs the back teeth. In the hands of an expert cosmetic dentist the porcelain veneers can look better than porcelain crowns.

If you have a heavy bite and you are a bruxer, it is best to have a complete evaluation and bite analysis! Depending on your bite certain teeth may need crowns, but even if you need crowns, the others can be done with veneers.

The material of choice due to dental cosmetic needs, can be decided after the expert dentist discusses the pros and cons of each porcelain material!

Emax veneers or crowns are generally more mimic a person’s tooth color, they tend to be more translucent, just like a normal tooth! Zerconia or lava crowns tend to be more bright and reflect the color more than Emax porcelain! As of to-date there is no zerconia veneers! however in near future the companies are working toward perfecting the zerconia porcelain, so dentist can fabricate zerconia veneers.

As far as the strength of Emax vs Zerconia porcelain, Zerconia is a bit stronger, and less fracture resistant, in which they should both are considered very strong vs traditional porcelain.

Cosmetic dentistry and crowns needed if you are suffering from Bulimia

Bulimia as you know cause acid erosion, removal of protective layer of your teeth (enamel), causing sensitivity, loss of bite and eventually causing loss of teeth, and malocclusion!

You need to make an appointment with a knowledgeable dentist to have a complete evaluation first so the function and your bite can be evaluated besides cosmetic dentistry! The restoration of badly eroded teeth may require porcelain crown, but the function of your teeth must be considered prior to having crowns done! the number of how many crowns is needed or the cost, depends on the extent of erosion as the result of bulimic condition.

Prophylactic root canal ( intentional root canal) for a broken tooth, before placing porcelain crown?

Due to trauma, fall, causing broken or cracked tooth, and the extent of fractured tooth, it is always a possibility of root canal even if you do not have pain and sensitivity! Did you know that if your grind and clench your teeth severely, you can cause nerve necrosis of your tooth, even if you have a crown on your tooth with no decay?

The tooth must be checked for clinical symptoms and xray in one month 3 month 6 month and 12 month for possible root canal. Sometimes during that period the nerve dies, and if you already place a porcelain crown on the tooth, you still might need to do root canal later on, some patients do not like their crowns to have a hole, or access opening to perform the root canal (even if it does not show) which can be repaired and bonded after root canal is performed, so they might want to get a new crown again, or do the intentional root canal so they will not have no sensitivity or pain later on (that is called intentional or prophylactic root canal procedure)!

Xrays and clinical examination, the experience of your dentist, pulp testing, consultation with an expert Endodontist is highly advisable!